Data is the new Oil


Kizuna India is not a name that we expected people of India to even have heard of faintly, let alone recognise as a badminton strings firm. We were clear about one thing from the outset. The task of taking the brand name KIZUNA to every player and more importantly, to every stringer in the country was going to be an uphill task. We were pretty much game for it as well. Our brainstorming sessions yielded fabulous ideas like email campaigning, whatsapp campaigning, telecalling etc. But what really bowled us over was the basic question. Who are we going to campaign? How do we get their contact?

                Having been in the sports business was a boon for us as we already had quite a few good contacts from sports retaining. However, these were mainly spread across the southern states. But to market Kizuna as an all India brand, we clearly needed a solid data of contacts from across the country. The first way to go about it was to get our existing contacts to spill out contacts of their fellow dealers. Now, the next step was to use the omnipotence of internet to our advantage by getting dealer contacts of our fellow-companies in the badminton industry. We literally struck gold with this one. One of our colleagues was given the sole duty to pull out the contacts of each of these from the internet. This took us to a new dimension of data collection. Having seen the enormous possibility of the internet as a source of data, we took things a little further. We slowly started covering every single city in India looking for stringer contacts one city at a time, one state at a time. Add to this, the inputs from Facebook, Instagram, Indiamart etc. Parallelly, we listed Kizuna badminton strings in Amazon to create awareness among the potential market buyers about the presence of such a brand. Amazon gave us Rs 2000/- worth of free advertising which fetched us around 2,00,000 views on our listings.  Eventually, they went on to become some of our great unpaid brand promoters after seeing the potential of the string. They led us to their stringers which just meant one thing for us. MORE DATA!

                Thus, we built our treasure of data. These were the ammunitions we desperately needed. Once we loaded these into our arms of mailchimp and whatsapp, we went all guns blazing with our marketing. Follow this space for more updates.

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