The launch

Launching a new sports related brand itself is rather daunting in normal times. Doing it during the time of an epidemic is a challenge. There are restrictions on travel, gatherings and playing. People are fearful of sending their children to play grounds due to the virus. This is a time the general economic activity slows down. Nevertheless, the show must go on. There will be an anti-virus vaccine soon, people will start venturing out and things will go back to being normal. The thought process is that if we start launching the product now we will be ready to go big when things open up again. As John Adams rightly said, “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise”.

Kizuna badminton strings are made in Japan in their own manufacturing facility. Kizuna badminton strings are developed by Mr. Hideo Abe who is the former Japan Men’s badminton team coach. Kizuna makes the thinnest badminton strings in the world and their badminton strings are famous for its hitting sound, power, control and feel. They are proud to be the No. 2 badminton string brand in the world.

We decided that we will use all available communications technology to digitally launch Kizuna badminton strings all over India. We will have a Kizuna India specific website that gives information about Kizuna badminton strings, have an effective social media presence in facebook, instagram and twitter.

We also have a large data base of stringers and sports dealers in India whom we have communicated and have done business with over the years. We decided that we will use this data base to communicate directly with the stringers about Kizuna badminton strings and what the brand has to offer them.

The following are the social media presence we created:


Instagram: kizuna_ind

Facebook: KizunaIndia

Twitter: @kizunaindia

We created a Whatsapp business account (+918589905858) to communicate with our contacts as it is the preferred medium of communication of all in India.

We also set up a Google pay account for ease of payment.

The KIZUNA India Badminton strings journey continues. We will have more in our next post.

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