The Z63X in vibrant colours.

Bikazoom is a company that has been in the sports equipments business for a good 10 years and has dealt in several leading products and brands including Victor,Lotus Sports,Speedo,Tinsue etc. In this span of time, we were fortunate enough to deal with a wide network of dealers across India, gaining their friendship and trust.  Over time, due to certain unethical practices from some of our players, we had to end many of our partnerships and were staring at a situation which demanded us to reinvent ourselves to thrive in an uncertain market.

Our search to redefine ourselves and our desire to associate with a brand oozing  quality, took us to Kizuna. Kizuna is a world renowned badminton string brand and is currently the No. 2 in badminton strings. If there’s one market that has been elusive to Kizuna , and a major one at that, is India. India is one market that everybody would want a piece of, across segments and products, owing to its demography and receptivity. The badminton strings segment in India isn’t overcrowded and there’s a clear vaccum for technologically sound and quality badminton strings. And thus was born Kizuna India. Watch out for this space as our journey unfolds before you in coming blogs.

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