The Feedback

                With marketing campaigns in full swing on Amazon, Whatsapp and Mailchimp for Kizuna Badminton Strings , we were sure to have taken off on the right foot. However, one question remained unanswered. How do we gauge the response of our customers? To remain dynamic and organically grow, genuine feedback from our customers was essential and we had to figure a way to get them to respond about Kizuna Badminton Strings.

                Now, amazon had an option for feedback through reviews. But the issue lies in people taking the effort to post their reviews. Now that is not something that you see often. So, the issue basically boils down to getting people to take the effort to post their reviews. The only way we could think of getting them to do this was by nudging them via whatsapp. The idea is to contact each of the customers and get to know what exactly they liked and disliked about the product, any room for improvement and finally requesting them to post their feedback on amazon or other badminton platforms like badminton central if they could on the basis of personal friendships built. What we did not realise though, is that in the process of getting reviews, we were building friendships who would act as ambassadors to our products. Through their contact, we came across a bunch of stringers operating from the space of their homes. Something that we would not have found out otherwise.

                Thus, every single step that we took to better our product had positive consequences in dimensions that we could not fathom. Much like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces were falling into places. But what kept us driving was the fact that Kizuna was growing one string at a time, one shop at a time. Watch out this space for more updates on Kizuna.

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